GLiner - two way Google Maps editor for FF1.5 Polyline
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Drawing a route (public transit etc)
  • Find the country of interest by the [Go to] selector
  • Keep on doubleclicking until you are in the right place
  • Keyboard shortcuts available (arrows, [+], [-])
  • [Clear map]
  • Draw the route by clicking the turn points ([Polyline] checked)
  • Click[Add marker] before you click a bus stop point
  • Replace the "point #" comments by something more meaningful
  • If you make a mistake, you can delete the code of that point on the text area anytime
  • Test the edited code by first clicking [Clear map] and then [Draw poly] and for markers: [Execute script]
  • Tip: [shift]+[reload] clears cache. Bookmarking keeps you in location.
  • Map layout design aid.
The other way
  • You can edit the generated code or write any script in the upper text area (marker code area)
  • Clicking [Execute script] runs the script
  • Try writing e.g. 'map.zoomOut()'
  • Variable name of the map is creatively 'map'. Markers are arrayed 'marker[pn]' where 'pn' is the point number printed in comments.
  • [Log] checkbox enables map and marker events, which are displayed on GLog. Marker events are shown for the markers created by the button, not for those loaded from script area (unless you type a listener with GLog.write()).
  • Listened events can be seen in the end of source code.
  • Remember that GLog will not open again if it is closed.
  • With FF1.5 remembering form contents you can reload without losing any data. Bookmarking keeps the location.
  • See also event test pages.
  • GMap2 v2.44+
  • SVG
  • JavaScript only
  • © Esa Ojala 2006
  • Feel free to copy and distribute UNMODIFIED source code
  • Feel free to test modifications locally
  • Index page.
  • gmapsapiATgmailDOTcom