Esa's Google Maps API v3 experiments.

Geolocation by browser

Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome provide client location. No add-on is needed. Other browsers can provide the information with Google Gears installed.

(A) Firefox 3.5

FF3.5 supports navigator.geolocation object of W3C Geolocation API specification. It provides coordinates of the browser by getCurrentPosition() method.

This button should be active (not light gray) if you came by FF3.5. Clicking performs getCurrentPosition() and puts marker A on the map if you admit (Share Location button).

Using geolocation by Mozilla.

More good reading from one of the creators.

(B) Google Gears

This button should be active if you have Google Gears installed or if you are surfing with Google Chrome browser.

More about Google Gears Geolocation API

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